We have worked with thousands of donor families. So many of them have selflessly shared their stories with us—and we’ve seen firsthand that donation can bring great comfort during a time of terrible grief. By continuing to share these stories, we hope to save more lives through organ and tissue donation across Alaska, Montana, North Idaho, and Washington.

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We use these stories to help promote organ and tissue donation for educational purposes. We will always be respectful of you and your family and will only share what you are comfortable with. Thank you for helping us spread the life-saving message of donation.

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Michael Johnson

Michael Johnson always had a yearning for adventure. He traveled the world widely, and always challenged himself with new experiences. Whether it was diving great reefs or building new structures … Read More

Erik Gelhar

Erik Gelhar had always lived a very active life. He spent nearly all his free time in the great outdoors and had a successful career working as an engineer on oil … Read More

Steve & Patty Craig

Raymond Craig had a traumatic start to life. At just 8 months old, he suffered shaken baby syndrome and was treated with seizure medication. At 3 years old, Raymond was … Read More

Bill Bancroft

Meeting someone with a connection to organ, eye, and tissue donation can be a common occurrence, but having multiple connections to donation is relatively rare. Bill Bancroft of Spokane Valley has … Read More

Peleiupu “Leo” Leiatau

Peleiupu “Leo” Leiatau was a gentle giant at 6-foot-2, and though he seemed intimidating at first glance, he always went out of his way to say hello to anyone he didn’t … Read More

Aaron Mesnik-Greene

When Aaron Mesnik-Greene was just two months old he developed jaundice. His parents brought him to the pediatrician where his doctors found abnormal liver function. After an exploratory surgery, it … Read More

Jaden Griffin

Jaden loved the color green, music, trains, cars, and wanted to be a firefighter when he grew up. He admired Iron Man and the Avengers, and dreamed of one day … Read More

Cooper PJ Project

One of the most rewarding things about working in donation is being exposed to the best in humanity. Generosity, strength, courage, and hope in the face of grief. A donor … Read More

Rachel Givens

Rachel Lucy Givens was full of life, love, and laughter. She had a passion and natural talent for athletics, especially basketball and soccer. During high school, Rachel led her team … Read More

Robin Prentice

I was born and raised in the Seattle area and graduated from the University of Washington. While attending college, I never knew that the UW Medical Center would be responsible … Read More

Zeny Myers

In 2000, Zeny Myers was told that she had six months to live. She had end-stage renal disease and, without a kidney transplant, her life would come to a tragically … Read More

Oscar Sainz

In the fall of 2000, Oscar Sainz was diagnosed with congestive heart failure, a condition that weakens the heart muscles and prevents normal heart function. He responded well to his … Read More

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