Michael Dock JumpMichael Johnson always had a yearning for adventure. He traveled the world widely, and always challenged himself with new experiences. Whether it was diving great reefs or building new structures in Alaska. Michael warmed the world with his drive and energy on every journey.

Optimistic and compassionate, Michael cared deeply for family, friends, and even strangers. He was always helping those in need by loaning out his vehicles, or providing employment opportunities at his construction business.

On March of 2015, Michael was drilling a well on his property when CO2 consumed the small space he was working in. He was rushed to the hospital, but was unable to recover, and died within days. Although he may no longer explore new and exciting places his courage and kindness lives on through those he saved through organ and tissue donation.

It came as no surprise to Michael’s mother, Cindy to learn that he was a registered organ donor; it was also fitting to his giving nature. Michael carried a “carpe diem” spirit with him everywhere he went. The infinity tattoo on the base of his neck symbolized his invincibility and his knowledge that his gifts of life will resonate through the generations of his many recipients.

Michael loved life, and truly lived it to the fullest. Without a doubt, he would want to share the gift of life with others. Remarkably, his heart, kidneys, liver, lungs, corneas, tendons, tissue, bone, and veins helped save those in need of a life-saving transplant.

Cindy imagines her son enjoying the idea of sparking someone’s life, from the inside out. The knowledge that Michael is still helping others live life vibrantly, brings great comfort to her and her family.

“Organ donation completes the circle of life and as concentric circles ripple outward, so does my son’s life,” said Cindy. “He is my dear child, my amazing son, who continues to be a positive influence in this world, allowing individuals the opportunity to also create a better world.”