Marjorie was a very special lady: energetic, fun, and not afraid of anything. She always said that there was no situation in life that you couldn’t sing or dance your way out of. Her daughter Heather remembers her singing her way through many situations, from being scared of a rollercoaster to finding the perfect Christmas decorations.

On August 14, 2009, Marjorie and her family were enjoying some time at Flathead Lake, in northwestern Montana, one of their family’s favorite summer spots. It was a Friday morning and Marjorie had just finished making her famous pancake breakfast for the family when they decided to take a walk. As they started out, it began to drizzle a bit, but they decided to weather the storm.

“I remember very clearly thinking this will be a fun memory walking in the rain with my mom,” Heather recalls.

When they were about halfway through their walk, the unpredictable Montana weather struck and they soon found themselves stuck in one of the worst downpours they had ever seen. Not one to let the weather get her down, Marjorie continued along happily singing and dancing her way through the storm.

After climbing in their awaiting ride still laughing, Marjorie had an aneurysm and became unresponsive. Although she was immediately rushed to the hospital, there was nothing that could be done to save her. Today, Marjorie’s spirit dances on in the individuals she helped through cornea and tissue donation.

“I miss my mother more than any word can say, but it does bring me some peace to know that there are people out there that she helped. She was the best,” Heather said.

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