LifeCenter Northwest shares the same goal as the many medical professionals we work with everyday: to save lives.

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It all starts with you

Transplantation is one of the great medical advancements of our time. Last year, more than 39,700 organ transplants and roughly 1 million tissue transplants were performed.

However, without close collaboration between hospitals and recovery agencies, none of those transplants would be possible. The referral call is the catalyst for every single donation case.  Organ and tissue donation truly does start with you.

There are roughly 108,000 people on the transplant waiting list, yet less than 1 percent of people who die will have the opportunity to become an organ donor. Because the opportunity is so rare, developing a standardized process for patient and family care is essential for success.

As the waiting list continues to grow, we want to make sure that we do not miss any opportunity to close the gap between the number of available organs and those waiting for the gift of life.  Thank you for being an integral part of the donation process. Together, we will continue to work to save lives through organ and tissue donation.

The implementation of a well-formulated plan can turn a loss into hope and offer a second chance at life for those on the waiting list.

Find your hospital’s dedicated donation Program Manager

Every hospital across Alaska, Montana, North Idaho, and Washington has a dedicated Hospital Development Program Manager from LifeCenter Northwest.

That representative works to be a respectful, collaborative member of your team, and to help keep you up-to-date on policy and procedure changes relating to organ and tissue donation.

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Join our team and help save lives through organ and tissue donation.

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Self-Care and Compassion Fatigue Resources

We have a few resources for medical professionals to help guide you through self-care and compassion fatigue during these challenging times. Click here to read.


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Webinars, Workshops and CEUs

Want to learn more about your role in the donation process? Here are some great educational resources for our hospital partners:

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Accreditation, Certificates, and Registrations

LifeCenter Northwest uphold the most up-to-date Accreditation, Certificates, and Registrations documents. Click here to view these files.