Johnathan Sim spent his life helping those in need.  Working for an international relief and development organization, he improved the lives of thousands of children all over the world.  Needless to say, Johnathan was “enthusiastic about doing his part to do something good for others.”

At the young age of 33 Johnathan suffered a massive stroke. After emergency surgery, his state deteriorated and his large Korean-American family was faced with his wish to be a donor.  Unprepared for this sudden end Johnathan’s wife, Kelly, contemplated overriding her husband’s wish. However in her final moments with him Kelly was reminded of Johnathan’s desire to leave a legacy. As she clung to the end of Johnathan’s life, Kelly realized that he “would have wanted nothing more than to give life to others, even in his last days.”

That day Johnathan saved four lives.  Kelly and her children find comfort in Johnathan’s donation. “His absence is less painful knowing that his legacy continues in the lives of those he saved,” says Kelly.

Today, Kelly is “thankful that we honored Johnathan’s last wish.”  She has learned about the impact of donation on both the recipients and the donor’s family.  As a passionate advocate of donation and a LifeCenter Northwest volunteer, Kelly shares her story and how donation “has helped to bring healing and hope back into her life.”

Kelly and her children continue to live out Johnathan’s legacy. They built the Johnathan Sim Legacy School in Zambia, host annual golf tournaments in his remembrance, and forever hold his recipients in their hearts.

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