Thank you for your interest in helping educate our communities regarding the need and impact of organ and tissue donation.

The two most impactful ways you can help your community understand the power of the gift of life is by sharing a donation story and knowing how to answer the questions that are most frequently asked by the public.

These two things alone can dispel myths and fears that may hinder a person from registering to be an organ and tissue donor.

If you are not ready to share your own donation story or do not have a personal connection to donation, you can use one of the videos found in the resource section of this packet or a Story of Hope.

The goal of public education is to help our communities start donation conversations and make informed decisions — regarding organ and tissue donations — that are based on accurate facts instead of commonly held fears.

Attached to this letter, you can find suggestions for things you can do in your communities and resources to support you in your efforts.

If you have questions or need further assistance, please contact me at 425-201-6612 or

LifeCenter Northwest greatly appreciates your passion and dedication to inspire others to save and heal lives through organ and tissue donation.

Thank you,

Meghan Farragher
Community Relations Program Manager
LifeCenter Northwest