Each month, LifeCenter Northwest selects a LifeSaver Award winner. This award honors and recognizes those who demonstrate a commitment to improving donation outcomes and culture through their actions, time, and energy. We are proud to announce that David Kidd, RN, from Good Samaritan MultiCare Hospital in Puyallup, Wash. is our latest LifeSaver Award winner!

David was a relatively new ICU nurse at Good Samaritan at the time of this recent donation, but he demonstrated the strength and skill of someone with decades of experience. In an impressive and rare display of endurance, David worked diligently on this case from start to finish—keeping the organ donor stable for 12 hours and staying in the hospital room for that entire time. David kept a level head during an extremely stressful and demanding situation and truly bent over backward to support the donor’s family, the donor, and LifeCenter’s staff throughout the donation process.

Crucially, David’s dedication allowed time for the donor’s family to arrive at Good Samaritan prior to donation. Once they arrived, David quickly established a trusting relationship with the family and ensured they had all the time and space they needed to say a full goodbye to their loved one. During this time, David also regularly updated the LifeCenter staff members on-site and ensured the organ donation remained viable—which required extraordinary focus and medical skill.

Once the family was ready, David skillfully facilitated the donation conversation between LifeCenter and the donor’s family. The family was fully supportive of donation, and—since David’s patient was a registered organ, eye, and tissue donor in Washington—David’s excellent work allowed the donor to save lives.

In a powerful display of support that showed just how much David is valued, more than 20 of his colleagues at Good Samaritan Hospital attended David’s recent LifeSaver Award ceremony. For going above and beyond to ensure this complicated donation was successful—and embodying the generous spirit of organ donation—LifeCenter Northwest is proud to honor David with our LifeSaver Award.