We know with organ, eye, and tissue donation it can be helpful to hear from other families who have been in a similar experience with donation. Here are some short videos to aid in further discussion.

A mother shares her experience with her daughter’s donation where she saved three lives. She felt cared for during her time in the hospital and it helps to know the generosity of her daughter helps her legacy lives on.

A mother shares her son’s donation experience where he saved six lives. She was able to connect with his heart recipient and to her, it was such a gift to know her son’s memory lives on through someone else.

A donor’s husband shares how devastating news turned into an opportunity for healing through his wife’s donation. He also shares encouraging words for others in the African American community to consider donation because so many people in their own community are on the transplant waiting list.

A donor father shares his experience with his daughter after receiving news of her irreversible brain death diagnosis. He shares how his daughter was cared for and how learning of his daughter’s recipients helped with their grief.

Additional Support Videos

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