Each month, LifeCenter Northwest selects a LifeSaver Award winner. This award honors and recognizes those who demonstrate a commitment to improving donation outcomes and culture through their actions, time and energy.

We are pleased to present this month’s LifeSaver Award to Jen Moyes, who is Director of Critical Care at PeaceHealth St. Joseph Medical Center in Bellingham, Wash.

During a recent donation case, LifeCenter Northwest was working to meet an impending deadline. In order for donation to happen, our staff members needed to arrive at PeaceHealth St. Joseph Medical Center’s operating room promptly and be ready to proceed with organ recovery immediately.

Unfortunately, one of our staff members on their way to Bellingham discovered they didn’t have the necessary access to electronic medical records (EMR) at PeaceHealth St. Joseph, endangering our ability to meet the fast-arriving donation deadline.

At this point, Jen—who is a longstanding donation champion at her hospital—took decisive action to get involved and find a solution. In a situation where most people might have waited until the following morning to take any action, Jen proactively reached out to LifeCenter Northwest to better-understand the issue, and then worked diligently in her off hours and into the night to make sure our staff member obtained EMR access.

“In the end, we were able to meet our deadline and make donation happen,” explained Justin Frank, LifeCenter Northwest Hospital Development Manager. “Jen deserves recognition on a regular basis for her amazing partnership, but this was a special case where she went above and beyond to support donation.

The donor in this case went on to donate four organs, providing life-saving gifts to four people in need, and also enhanced as many as 125 lives through the gift of tissue. Jen was a vital part of saving and enhancing those lives, and we are proud to honor her with this LifeSaver Award.