Last year, Da’mon Higbee gave the ultimate gift on Christmas Eve. He donated his heart, lungs, liver and kidneys; giving life to five people – a true miracle.

He was a bright, outgoing and generous man. Sadly, Da’mon died at the young age of 24, but he lived a full life where he took advantage of every moment and never hesitated to show his love.

“He opened doors, held hands with his grandparents, and still kissed his mama,” writes Da’mon’s mom, April Higbee. “He was a magnet for positive people in his life.” 

Da’mon played nearly all high school sports, and his proud dad was always there to cheer him on from the sidelines. He also had an affinity for video games, and in middle school, Da’mon was offered a paid Minecraft gig!

Donor Da’mon Higbee flashes his signature smile.

Da’mon’s love of the virtual world extended to the real world as well. He was inquisitive. He built robots, and to fuel his video game performance, he built his own gaming computer! Later in life, he won a Spokane start-up event by engineering a new type of noise-canceling earbuds. He also traveled, enjoyed target shooting and experienced the thrill of skydiving. But above all else, he cherished time spent with family and friends. His mom describes him as a doting big brother who shared a special bond with his only sibling.

“He loved his sister dearly, he was giving and selfless and always had a huge smile,” April says. 

Today, Da’mon’s family finds comfort in reading letters from his organ recipients and learning about their lives. They live on because of Da’mon’s choice to register as an organ donor. A choice he made on his 18th birthday.

A special thank you is extended to Da’mon and to all organ donors for their selfless choice. You can give thanks by giving life. Register today as an organ donor.

“This gift he has given others is truly incredible and honorable,” April says. “It’s a reminder to us what a selfless and special person he was.”