Trey Tweddle had a great smile and a lust for life.

“Everyone dies, not everyone lives.”

This was Trey’s life motto. From his first breath to his last, he truly made life count.

Trey’s sister, Crystal Tweddle, shares her brother’s story and the legacy he left behind.

“Trey was my first Best Friend, my only sibling,” she begins. “Trey had many attributes that made him who he was and why so many people liked him. He was loyal, honest, intelligent, hard-working, inspiring and loving.”

Siblings Crystal and Trey Tweddle

Trey was involved in a head-on collision that left his car’s engine in his lap. He fought for nine days in the ICU. He fought to return to the life he loved, the family he loved, and most importantly, the daughter he loved. By the eighth day, Trey’s family knew he would not recover.

“To keep him here on Earth would be for our own selfish reasons,” says Crystal.

Trey’s family honored his wishes as an organ and tissue donor.

Crystal adds, “His final wish was both heartbreaking and uplifting. Heartbreaking because we will never have another moment with Trey. He will never get to see his daughter grow up. Uplifting because his organs, bones, and tissue will give someone a life they thought they would never have without a donor.”

“When I think of Trey’s last selfless act on Earth, it fills my heart with pride,” Crystal shares. “When his daughter is old enough to understand, I will tell her that her Daddy was a hero by helping others live. I would be so grateful and honored to meet a recipient of my brother’s donations, for that would help heal my soul.”

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