Each year, the Donate Life Rose Parade® float honors organ, eye, and tissue donors from across the country and inspires people to save and heal lives. An integral part of the float design includes a Rose Dedication Garden. The garden is made up of personalized messages of love, hope, and remembrance. The messages are attached to roses which are inserted into vials of water and placed on the float. Altogether, thousands of roses create the Dedication Garden.

Ward C. VanWichen, CEO, Phillips County Hospital and Family Health Clinic with Rose Dedication at the Montana Hospital Association Annual Meeting

A rose is a symbol of love, loss, and renewal. The flower represents something different to everyone. It can be representative of hope to some, grief to others, or simply a symbol of gratitude.

The Rose Dedication Garden is an opportunity to be part of the Donate Life Rose Parade® Float and to honor donors, families, recipients, and patients waiting for transplant with a personalized message.

This also provides a great opportunity for our donation partners to honor donors in our region. Our Hospital Development, Aftercare, and Community Relations teams are currently taking dedications from hospital CEOs, donor families, recipients, and other leaders in our donation community.

Every year, LifeCenter has the pleasure of sponsoring a donor family to honor their loved one on the Donate life Rose Parade Float. Our 2020 honoree is Julie Shepherd who was a donor at Benefis hospital in Montana in January of 2017. Read Julie’s story here.

If you would like to dedicate a rose on the float, or gather a dedication from a leader in our donation community, click here to email our coordinator or visit https://www.donatelifefloat.org/cgi-bin/dedication_garden/family.