Monday, September 24 through Friday, September 28 is National DMV Appreciation Week!

LifeCenter Northwest would like to thank our Washington Department of Licensing (DOL) and Montana Motor Vehicle Department (MVD) and all Driver’s License Partners for their continued dedication to helping us save lives every day through organ, eye, and tissue donation.

DMVs are the primary source of donor registrations – their front line staff ask individuals if they would like to be an organ, eye and tissue donor daily – standing at the top in the nation for the number of people registered to be a donor. This is why our Washington and Montana office staff play such an integral role in helping to increase the number of registered donors each year.

Roughly, 99% of those registered to be an organ, eye and tissue donor signed up when receiving their driver’s license. Licensing offices have registered more than 140 million donors nationwide. In 2017, Washington and Montana offices alone have registered more than 250,000 donors combined. These numbers are only made possible by the tireless effort of the front line staff asking the important question – “Would you like to register to be an organ donor?”

Over the years, LifeCenter Northwest has shared many incredible Stories of Hope that highlights the impact of organ, eye and tissue donation on recipients, recipient families, living donors and donor families. LifeCenter Northwest has also reached many major milestones for both the number of organ donors and organs transplanted for six consecutive years. These touching stories and major milestones are largely impacted by our partnerships with the Washington DOL and Montana MVD.

Throughout this week on social media, we will continue to show our appreciation for our DMV partners!

With our DMV partners doing their job to help us save more lives, you can do your part too! Please don’t rule yourself out – ALL individuals may have the opportunity to save a life regardless of age or medical condition. An individual can register to be an organ, eye and tissue donor without a parent’s signature at age 15 in Montana and age 15½ in Washington.

According to the United Network for Organ Sharing, there are currently more than 114,000 individuals waiting for a lifesaving transplant. Register to be an organ, eye and tissue donor online or at your local DMV office and help save a life one day.