Our 2018 Donation Celebrations in both Montana and Washington were uplifting and full of positive energy thanks to more than 500 attendees. Individuals who were present include donor families, recipients, community partners and medical professionals.

LifeCenter Northwest partnered with SightLife to put together these celebrations of life.

The celebrations serve to honor the loved ones who have provided others with a second chance of life with their gift of donation.

Attendees had the opportunity to listen to speakers who shared their story of how receiving a transplant has impacted their lives.

This year’s theme “Every Act of Kindness Creates a Ripple” resonates the kindness and hope that donors have left behind as their legacy – the ripple effect from their gifts of life truly impacts our communities. Attendees had the chance to honor their loved ones or their donor(s) by participating in our ripple rock painting.

Attendees painted rocks to honor their loved ones and/or recipients. These rocks can be placed anywhere – the front porch, favorite hiking trails, etc. – to spread the ripple effect of kindness from donation.

We would like to thank all attendees, volunteers and staff for attending and making these celebrations meaningful and memorable.

For Montana, nearly 75 individuals attended our celebration in Billings and 105 individuals came out to our celebration in Missoula this past June.

A total of 175 individuals attended the Eastern Washington Donation Celebration held at the Centerplace facility in Spokane Valley on Saturday, July 21.

The turn-out was incredible at our Western Washington Donation Celebration with more than 350 individuals showing up at the Hyatt Regency in Bellevue on Sunday, July 29. Double-Lung Transplant Recipient Ken Price and Cornea Recipient David Jones were the remarkable speakers that highlighted the importance of donation through their reflections of gratitude.

Thank you again to all who attended. If you’d like to make sure you get an invite to our 2019 events, please send an email with your name, email and mailing address to: FamilyAftercare@lcnw.org.

Check out the event and photobooth photos captured at the celebrations on our Donation Celebration photo site: https://donationcelebration.shutterfly.com/! Feel free to download or print your photos as you wish.

Donor Families and Recipients had their photos taken at the photo booth as a memorable piece to take home from the celebrations.
Double-Lung Transplant Recipient Ken Price was among one of the amazing speakers at the celebrations.