In May, LifeCenter Northwest donors gave 101 organs for transplant. This is a new record for the number of organs recovered in one month.

Thirty-one generous donors from 17 different hospitals throughout the LifeCenter Northwest service area provided these life-saving gifts, making the new record number and continuous growth possible.

More organ transplant recipients were given a second chance of life thanks to the collaborative efforts of LifeCenter Northwest staff, partner hospital and transplant center teams, and our organ donors and their families.

This highlight follows a six-year upward growth trajectory and adds to LifeCenter Northwest’s life-saving milestones.

“This accomplishment is truly a testament to our mission of working together to serve the communities in our region and save more lives,” said Kevin O’Connor, President and CEO of LifeCenter Northwest. “Successes like this wouldn’t be possible without the kindness of our donors and their families, and the tireless work of donor hospital and transplant center staff. We have a profound appreciation for all those who partner with us in this life-saving work.”

LifeCenter Northwest partners with more than 200 hospitals and five transplant centers throughout the LifeCenter Northwest service area of Alaska, Montana, North Idaho and Washington. This significant milestone is a good representation of why it is so important to continue talking to your loved ones about donation. Currently, there are more than 114,000 people on the transplant waiting list nationwide, including nearly 2,500 throughout LifeCenter Northwest’s service area.

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