On October 2, LifeCenter Northwest staff attended an event at the glassybaby store in Bellevue, WA, in celebration of the life of Hayley Storm McCutcheon. The event introduced the Hayley glassybaby, created to honor Hayley Storm McCutcheon, who passed away suddenly in July and graciously gave the gift of life through organ donation.

Hayley was a ray of sunshine who was always shining her light on others. She was a happy, kind, and funny young woman and soon to be sophomore at Western Washington University pursuing a career in law enforcement. Hayley always strove to protect and take care of others, which influenced her strong feelings about being an organ donor. In her passing, her bright light was passed on to the lives of those she so selflessly saved with her amazing gifts.

Inspired by her passion for saving others, Hayley’s family connected with Glassybaby, a Washington based business devoted to giving hope, beauty, kindness, and monetary support to organizations dedicated to helping people, animals, and our planet through the sales of blown glass candle votives. Their votives come in a variety of unique colors and shapes and can also be custom made. The glass artists at Glassybaby created 300 limited edition votives in honor of Hayley, each unique and one of a kind, just like Hayley was.

This votive is truly symbolic and “radiates the life and sunshine that embodied Hayley”, says Dawn McCutcheon, Haley’s mother.

In order to raise awareness about the importance of organ and tissue donation, Dawn worked with glassybaby to direct 10 percent of each Hayley votive purchase to LifeCenter Northwest. Her family is so proud of her heroic decision to become a donor and this is their way of continuing her mission in saving lives.

We are inspired by the courage and compassion exhibited by Hayley and her family. A bright, yellow, Hayley votive sits at the front desk of our office to provide a warm welcome to visitors and remind LifeCenter staff of incredible gift given by Hayley, and all organ and tissue donors in our region.