At LifeCenter Northwest, we have the humbling opportunity to work with courageous donors and their families every day. Being a part of the donation process, we always know that we are a part of something bigger and it drives us to work harder. The outstanding team here at LifeCenter is dedicated to going above and beyond to honor the gift of life. With such incredible commitment and dedication to saving lives, it is important to us to recognize our team for the exemplary work they do.

Each quarter, LCNW team members are recognized with our Roaming Gnome Award. The Roaming Gnome Award is an opportunity for peers to recognize an individual or team and celebrate their success for going above and beyond, championing change, or embodying the values of our organization. Individuals, or teams, are “gnominated” by their peers, and the winners are selected by our executive leadership.

This quarters “gnominees” went to Kyle Stephens and Megan lane, both clinical responders on our Organ Donation Services (ODS) team. Kyle and Megan are essential to our donor referral process and relationship building as they are often the first face the hospital sees when making a referral.

Organ Recovery Manager, Val Mannikko “gnominated” Kyle and Megan for quite literally going the extra mile every day to be onsite at intensive care units all over Western Washington. “On any given day their commute may include being asked to start with evaluating a donor referral at St. Peter’s in Olympia and end late the same evening with a trip to Mt. Vernon in Skagit,” said Val, “and they do this happily while also brainstorming ways they may still be able to help us even more. We are so lucky to have these bright, driven, compassionate, organized individuals working with us. They are truly the unsung heroes of ODS!”

Kyle and Megan will hold the Roaming Gnome title until next quarter’s winner and until then, get to share their adventures with the LCNW Roaming Gnome, taking him wherever they go. We can’t wait see the places the gnome visits this quarter!

We are grateful for Kyle and Megan, the rest of the LifeCenter team, and of course, our donors who make the extraordinary and generous decision to be an organ donor.