Sept LifeSaver_M.Hartman 1At LifeCenter Northwest, collaborating with local hospitals, medical centers and medical professionals is an essential part of fulfilling our mission of working together to save lives through organ and tissue donation. These partnerships literally make donation possible. We established the LifeCenter Northwest LifeSaver Award, presented monthly, to honor those who demonstrate a commitment to improving donation outcomes and/or culture through their actions, time and energy. We are proud to announce our September LifeSaver Award winner, Molly Hartman, at  University of Washington Medical Center in Seattle.

Recently, a patient at UWMC was ruled-out for organ donation because at the time the patient was not a candidate for organ donation. However, a few days later, Molly Hartman, bedside nurse, recognized the patient’s neuro status decline and called LifeCenter immediately with the information that the patient was likely progressing to brain death. This second referral call allowed our team to begin working closely with hospital staff and provide collaborative and quality care for the family.

Although the patient was not a registered donor, their family was supportive of donation. We were able to honor the wishes of this patient and family by recovering the patient’s liver for transplantation. The liver was placed with a transplant center in Canada.

This donation would not have been possible without Molly’s call to LifeCenter Northwest upon recognizing the patient’s status decline! Molly’s call saved a life and brought hope and a small sense of healing to the patient’s family, who was very interested in making donation happen. Thank you, Molly, for your support of this patient, the family, and LifeCenter through the process!