National Minority Donor Awareness Week

Observed annually from August 1 – 7, National Minority Donor Awareness Week was created to increase awareness of the need for more organ, eye, and tissue donors, especially among ethnic minorities.

Unfortunately, many health condition requiring transplant are more common among multicultural communities. This special observance aims to start conversations about those health conditions, provide education about organ, eye, and tissue donation, and encourage donor registration.

Currently, there is a significant gap between the number of minority donors and the number of minority transplant candidates. People of color make up 58 percent of the national transplant waiting list, but only 31 percent of living and deceased organ donors. While people of all backgrounds can enhance and save lives through organ, eye, and tissue donation, some factors used to match donors to recipients may vary by ethnicity.

There are higher chances of successful transplants when the donor and recipients share a similar ethnic background. Check out our understanding donation page to learn more and help answer any questions.

During this time multicultural communities are encouraged to share their decision to register as a donor with friends and family. People from all walks of life can register their decision to give the gift of life through organ, eye, and tissue donation.

Throughout the week, we will highlight featured stories of minority donors and recipients from our region. We hope our community advocates inspire you just as much they do for us!

Click the images below to read our inspirational Stories of Hope.

Shanae Bezusko

Miranda Burland

Oscar Sainz