Ayako Okuyama, Quality Assurance Specialist

LifeCenter Northwest is proud to announce our 2015 Values Award winner, Ayako Okuyama. . This award is based on peer nominations and recognizes employees who exemplify the five core values of our organization; integrity, respect, collaboration, service, and courageous leadership.

“I’m convinced she knows almost everything” said Kayla Case of Ayako in her award nomination.

As  a Quality Assurance Specialist, Ayako’s duties consist of ensuring that LifeCenter Northwest is in compliance with federal and industry regulations – this includes reviewing policies and documents and well as auditing different sectors of the company. Though her role is behind-the-scenes in the donation process, it is vital to LifeCenter’s day to day functions, and guarantees top of the line service to our organizational partners and the communities we serve.

With a background in the pharmaceutical industry, she was drawn to LifeCenter Northwest when seeking a career with a mission oriented organization in the nonprofit sector. She  believes LifeCenter Northwest would not be able to do a good job for donor families, recipients and hospital partners without being mission driven.

“There is a day-to-day impact and outcome that we make, and our values drive us to do our job right, and not just to do the job.”

One of LifeCenter’s core values that resonates with Ayako is collaboration.

“Working in an office of our size, we have a lot of overlap in departments; you have to work with others a lot in order to have the best possible outcome for each situation”.

Ayako also mentions that she works on the principle that all of us at LifeCenter Northwest must be good stewards of our resources in our service to the larger community.

“Even if at times the general public is not aware of the work we do, when they are faced with donation in regards to a loved one or a person in need of a transplant, LifeCenter Northwest needs to be there in the best way.”